BioMin Professional Testimonials

BioMin Technologies Limited is an award-winning company that produces clinically proven dental products. Check out UK's Professional dentists and hygienists say about BioMin toothpaste.

  • Prevention and cure in one

    Dr Victoria Sampson, Associate Dentist in London West End and North London

    Following the great feedback I got from patients, I decided to make the shift to BioMin F too, having suffered from general sensitivity for years. Before using BioMin F, I could not eat ice cream let alone whiten my teeth!

    I have now been using BioMin F for a few months and have noticed a big decrease in sensitivity. My family and I are now loyal users.

  • The clinical results are really impressive

    Faye Donald, hygienist and trainer, Yorkshire

    The taste was pleasant and my mouth felt clean. I tried it myself after having my teeth whitened. I had experienced sensitivity myself for the first time, put BioMin into a whitening tray and it was brilliant. It took the edge off the sensitivity.

  • BioMin® is a game-changer...

    Theresa McCarter, Hygienist and Continuing Education Speaker, California

    I have recommended BioMin to patients with poor diet, a history of drug problems, hypoplasia, dental phobia and poor oral hygiene and following gastric bypass surgery and excessive tooth whitening treatment – all with excellent results (see case studies). What I like about it is that it is an everyday toothpaste that can benefit 80-90% of our patients. When BioMin C becomes available over here we will use it extensively. It will be a game changer.

  • Good to have options with BioMin® toothpaste products

    Joss Harding, Hygienist, Stroud, Glos

    Many of them are quite ‘switched on’ and some have come in specifically asking for BioMin. Patients return saying they like the sensation of smoothness and cleanliness all day long, and the feeling that the slow release is protecting their teeth over several hours. I like to give people options, and for certain patients I am pleased that there is a completely fluoride-free variant.

  • It works – and patients tell me it works

    Dr Jonathan Waterer, Leek, Staffs

    I tried it personally first, and it worked, so I started recommending it to patients and started to get excellent feedback from them, including from patients who had used other products both for root sensitivity and dentine sensitivity

  • The enamel is visibly thicker after using BioMin® toothpaste

    Bhavana Dower, Hygienist and Oral Health Educator, Streatham, London

    I read the literature and was impressed with the science behind BioMin® F. I especially liked the idea of the particles entering the tubules and occluding them to reduce sensitivity. I now use it on my own teeth and I feel that the enamel is looking ‘thicker.’ I’m very happy with the result.

  • You can’t do better than BioMin®

    Dr James Durie, Hampton, Middx

    Prevention is the key – avoiding loss of tooth structure BEFORE it becomes a problem. They are really on to something with this product. 

    I am getting a lot of repeat requests for BioMin, and I am confident that there isn’t anything better for sensitivity. I also recommend it for patients with fixed orthodontic brackets. It is a very useful weapon in my armoury against tooth loss. You can’t do better than BioMin.


  • Over 90% benefited from BioMin® toothpaste...

    Dr Rash Patel, London

    The binding property appeals to me, and the fact that the effect is reinforced by cleaning every 12 hours. As a clinician I make a judgement on what I see works, and my own informal research, giving free samples to patients with sensitivity who had tried other products without success, showed that the ‘overwhelming majority’ – over 90% - got benefit from using BioMin. 

  • 90% of our patients are sold on it...

    Dr Don Gibson, Yeovil

    The results have been better than I dared to hope, and beyond my expectations. Some of the patients with the most significant problems, who haven’t been able to find anything that works, have had great improvement.

  • Low fluoride great results - It does what it says on the tube!

    Dr Andrew Walton, N Wales

    My wife has greatly benefited from BioMin so I started to recommend it to patients, and they are coming back asking for it. We recommend BioMin for patients with prolonged sensitivity and 90% of those we recommend it to say it works much better than anything else they have tried

  • Find out why I'm passionate about BioMin® F Toothpaste.

    Sam Davidson, Hygienist in four practices across the South East.

    BioMin® F was recommended by one of the dentists at my Canterbury practice. I have had such great results, I am now passionate about BioMin toothpaste. I trialed it on myself first. I found I was sensitive to cold air when I had had whitening treatment, so I used BioMin F for 14 days and the sensitivity was improved enough for me to go on with the treatment.

  • BioMin® Toothpaste the ideal approach

    Dr Nigel Slattery, Little Lever, Bolton, Lancs

    I heard about BioMin® F at the BDA conference, then read up on it and decided to try it. I ordered a few tubes about a year ago, tried it at home and liked the texture and the taste. I was particularly attracted by the idea of sustained release of fluoride at the right concentration to remineralize enamel and continued protection over 12 hours. I have never been comfortable with the concept of a big ‘dollop’ of fluoride, most of which is washed away quite quickly.