BioMin® F will become the gold standard treatment for dentine hypersensitivity

Dr Stefano Daniele,

Dr Stefano Daniele, dentist and university tutor, Milan

I started using BioMin® F when I obtained samples from the company, and recommended it for patients suffering from dentine hypersensitivity (DH).

The initial results were great, so my colleague and I carried out a small trial to confirm our findings. This was published in Dental Tribune. We gave BioMin F to our patients, asking them to brush twice daily with the product for two weeks, and received 29 evaluations. In addition to questions about the taste, texture and foaming effect, we asked them if they had noted any change in their DH symptoms.

Over half reported an improvement, with 8 saying the problem had completely resolved. None felt their symptoms had worsened. A total of 19 said that BioMin F was more effective than the sensitivity toothpaste they had used previously. (view study)

One case was particularly striking – a lady who became ill with vomiting and gastric acid reflux during the trial and naturally was concerned that this would bring back her dentine hypersensitivity. In fact, the benefit of using BioMin F was retained, illustrating that acid-resistant fluorapatite crystals had formed to biomimetically remineralise the tooth enamel and protect against DH.

My patients return and want to buy BioMin F again. All are noting improvement in their DH symptoms and some have complete resolution. I think once more dental colleagues become aware of the features and benefits of BioMin F it will be widely used. I strongly believe in the product and the technology behind it. I think BioMin F will become the gold standard treatment for dentine hypersensitivity.