BioMin is a product that we can stock and which supports our professionalism

BioMin is a product that we can stock and which supports our professionalism

Gill Wallis Cliffe, dental hygienist and opinion leader, Leeds, Yorkshire

I have been using and recommending BioMin® F since I came across it by chance in 2016. It is one of the best discoveries I have made.

The science behind BioMin F is compelling and wonderful. Who would have thought that a bone substitute within bioglass could be optimised in a toothpaste, dissolving quickly to raise the pH in the mouth, occluding the dentinal tubules and providing relief against sensitivity?

It protects for up to 12 hours against acid attack and helps to encourage remineralisation. You have to assess and treat every patient as an individual, but once you’ve identified the cause of the hypersensitivity, to be able to recommend a product that is going to work really well, and cover every angle, is great. For patients with erosion, attrition, abrasion, bruxism, previously we used to have to work out what the problem was, and find a product to fit. BioMin F – which is fantastic - covers all bases.

BioMin F has been revolutionary in supporting patients, especially with erosion, periodontal problems and xerostomia caused by multimedication, including antidepressants and oncology drugs, and we have seen some really good results. The evidence base is there; with BioMin we are fitting all demographics across the board.

The way I feel about it is that we have a product here that we can stock, support as a professional product and it supports our professionalism. I would encourage clinicians to stock BioMin F in their practice. Giving patients access to it is phenomenal.