Low fluoride great results - It does what it says on the tube!

Dr Andrew Walton

Dr Andrew Walton, N Wales

I have been using BioMin® for about two years after it was recommended by the Trycare rep. I was initially slightly sceptical but gave it the benefit of the doubt. I particularly liked that it was developed by dentists. My wife suffers from sensitivity and she tried it first.

My wife has greatly benefited from BioMin so I started to recommend it to patients, and they are coming back asking for it. We recommend BioMin for patients with prolonged sensitivity and 90% of those we recommend it to say it works much better than anything else they have tried. We advise patients with sensitivity to smear it on last thing at night so it can continue to work overnight. I was surprised it worked so well, but it has lived up to its claims. If my wife says it works, it must do! I’m very impressed.

I would say to colleagues that they should try the product for themselves – and not worry about the lower fluoride content than in competing products. It does what it says on the tube!