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Customer Testimonials

Demineralised stains gone Mouth Breathing

Demineralised stains gone Mouth Breathing

Our son’s teeth are very susceptible to staining due to him being a mouth breather. Usually approximately 2 months after his dental clean, the stains start to return...


Source: BioMin Distributor Australia 

The most effective toothpaste for sensitivity teeth

I have used different types of toothpastes and most of these toothpastes are not effective as BioMin F....


BioMin F strengthen the enamel of my teeth

I must say that BioMin F toothpaste is highly recommended, not only for whitening my teeth but also for relieving the toothache experienced....

E. A. Eidt

Dull teeth, big improvement in 6 days.

The surface of my teeth felt “dull” following a medical condition. BiominF there was a big improvement within 6 days.....

Source: BioMin Distributor Australia

it is an amazing toothpaste

it is an amazing toothpaste. Puts all other sensitive teeth toothpastes to shame :) S.