The New Store 3.0 - A Brand New Healthy Store

The New Store 3.0 - A Brand New Healthy Store

20 February 2022 - Store Admin

The new store 3.0 update has new additions to the store. We have redesigned the store to become a much better shopping experience. The store's colour palettes have changed as the new design store has a healthy design where the colour background of the store is off-white, which reduces the blue light emitted by your phone/tablet's/computer display, which should ideally reduce the strain on your eyes.

The new update 3.0 has many new exciting features, here are some of the additional changes and additions we made to the store:

1) New collapsable content to each product, making the store easier to navigate. Moreover, the store is now more organized making the shopping experience easier than before.

2) The store is now faster than the old version, the whole store experience is now smooth and pleasant to shop.

3) Moved some of the product contents from the home page to the product details, now the store is much cleaner and organized.

4) New redesigned the home page and the main menu, also customers can now shop by collections immediately when visiting our store. This allows customers on devices like mobile easier and faster access to the products.

We do hope you like our new brand healthy store, please feel to contact us if you have any feedback.


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