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What's the process and how long does it take?

  1. Implementation:  this design is handled by a specialized company which they design and sent the item to production.
  2. Production (around 1-7 business days): Please note that it can vary, depending on the company fulfillment centre order load.
  3. Shipping: Shipping depends on the destination and type of shipping services. The fastest regular service is up to 5-7 business days in the same country. You can see tracking information next to your order.
  4. Shipping Cost: We are including the shipping cost to each item for most of the merch except the coasters and the stickers assuming the customer is going to shop from our store and from our merchandise collection as the merch is provided by a specialized company which they design and ship. However, if a customer shop only merch collection without shopping from our store then we will issue a refund after shopping which will be around $6 to $8 USD dollars (coaster and stickers are exempt since shipping is not added to the item cost).

Note: we have some stocks of merch products available on our location which are the coasters and the stickers. Which we sell it and ship from our location.

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