EMOFORM ® Diamond toothpaste 75 ml

EMOFORM ® Diamond toothpaste 75 ml

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Whitening Toothpaste

For white and shiny teeth with finest diamond particles.

INGREDIENTS Contains fine diamond particles and sodium fluoride.
EFFECT Gently cleans and polishes the surfaces of the teeth, without irritating or injuring sensitive areas.


EMOFORM ® Diamond toothpaste with fine diamond dust for thorough cleaning of the teeth.

This toothpaste protects against erosion (contains 1400 ppm fluoride), offers caries protection, gum protection and has a desensitizing effect.

Free of: microplastics, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), preservatives, artificial sweeteners and without titanium dioxide.

Characteristics: contains fluoride, weak abrasive (RDA value: 30) (pH value: 7) for adults and adolescents from 6 years

pH value: 7, RDA value: 30

EMOFORM ® Diamond dentifrice with a fine diamond poussière for a niceness in depth of dents.

protection against caries, protection against plaque, protection against dentaire demcoloration, with fluorure

EMOFORM ® Diamond is exempt from: microplastic PVC, preservatives, artificial educators, laurylsulfate of sodium, titane dioxide

(RDA- 30) (pH-7)