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Where to buy

BioMin is a new brand to the Canadian Market. If you would like your chemist or dentist to supply BioMin please place them in Contact us or Become Stockist


Point of Sales who sell BioMin™ toothpaste, Genacol & more :

Tradeo International Inc. (Mon - Fri, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM) (POS accepts; Cash, PayPal, Interac E-transfer and Credit Card payments)
211 Horseshoe Lake dr, suite #114
Halifax, NS

B3S 0B9

Dental Practices who use and supply BioMin™ C to patients  :

DR George Grayson Dentistry Professional corporation
140-600 Tecumseh Rd East
windsor ON N8X 4X9


Pharmacies who sell BioMin™ toothpaste :

this part will be updated as soon the BioMin™ toothpaste is available in local stores.