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Where to buy

If you would like your chemist or dentist to supply BioMin please place them in Contact us or Become Stockist


Due to COVID-19, our office for Point of Sale is temporarily closed until further notice. We currently accept online orders only.

Point of Sales who sell BioMin™ toothpaste, & more 

Tradeo International Inc. (Mon - Fri, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM) (POS accepts; Cash, PayPal, Interac E-transfer, eGift Card Apple Wallet, and Credit Card payments)
211 Horseshoe Lake dr, suite #114
Halifax, NS

B3S 0B9

Dental Practices who use and supply BioMin™ C to patients  :

DR George Grayson Dentistry Professional corporation
140-600 Tecumseh Rd East
windsor ON N8X 4X9


Pharmacies who sell BioMin™ toothpaste :

this part will be updated as soon the BioMin™ toothpaste is available in local stores.