BioMin F 6 Pack + $4.99 Shipping
BioMin F 6 Pack + $4.99 Shipping
BioMin F 6 Pack + $4.99 Shipping
BioMin F 6 Pack + $4.99 Shipping
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BioMin F 6 Pack + $4.99 Shipping

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BioMinF Toothpaste (6 x 75ml)

BioMin™ F - Armour for Teeth has a unique patented technology which helps repair tooth enamel and guard against modern diets. The slow release formula delivers low doses of Fluoride combined with Calcium and Phosphate ions to the tooth’s surface for up to 12 hours after brushing, creating a Fluorapatite creating armour twice as strong as normal tooth enamel.

The patented bio-glass technology can enrich and protect the teeth from acid attack. 

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Weight : 0.860 kg

Box Dimensions: 20.5 x 16.5 x 12 cm

UPC: 0701197953109

Ingredients: Glycerin, Silica, PEG 400, Fluoro CalciumPhosphoSilicate,
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Titanium Dioxide, Aroma, Carbomer,
Potassium Acesulfame.

Brand: BioMin

Direction for use:

Brush with BioMin™ F twice daily, ideally before breakfast and last thing at night, Do not rinse mouth with water after brushing, replace the tube cap after use to protect against humidity.


Apply a small bead of toothpaste, about 1cm wide, to a toothbrush. Place your toothbrush on the outer surfaces of your teeth, tilting the brush at an angle against the gum line.

Using short and gentle brush strokes – in a vertical up-and-down action, pushing the bristles away from the gum line – clean the outer surfaces of your upper and lower teeth, then the inner surfaces, and finally the chewing surfaces. Be sure to pay extra attention to any hard-to-reach areas.

For fresher breath, you might also like to brush your tongue.

After two minutes of brushing, swirl the foamy toothpaste around your mouth for 30 seconds, and spit out the excess into the sink.

This part’s critical: avoid rinsing your mouth out with water! Rinsing washes away the active ingredients of the toothpaste often before they have had a chance to work. Walk away and enjoy the fresh, minty taste in your mouth.

Available Fluoride content <600ppm when packed

Do not use if you allergic to any of the ingredients.

Concerned about Fluoride?

BioMin™ F - Armour for Teeth toothpaste uses less than half the fluoride levels of regular toothpaste but lasts up to 6x longer.

The patented long release formula delivers therapeutically beneficial levels of cavity-fighting Fluoride for up to 12 hours. For most people, the Fluoride concentration of regular toothpaste is insufficient to provide any further protection to the surfaces of teeth after approx 90 minutes.

BioMin F fights decay up to 6x longer than any toothpaste


BioMin F toothpaste Fights decay up to 6X longer!

Slow release low dose fluoride.

Uniquely provides ongoing protection across the day

Efficient fluoride up to 60% less required

Slow release mechanism significantly reduces the quantity of fluoride required. Less than 600 ppm.

BioMin F Rebuilds damaged enamel


BioMin F toothpaste Rebuilds damaged enamel


Essential minerals help repair / remineralise the tooth

Slow release calcium and phosphate helps repair and rebuild the tooth’s surface.


Actively helps reduce demineralisation

BioMin F actively works to reduce demineralisation

BioMin F creates a protective armour


Creates a protective armour

Creates an acid resistant armour coating

to help protect against acidic modern diets and decay.

Increases protection when teeth come under attack

when under attack BioMin F uniquely increases the release of essential minerals to fight decay and protect the teeth.