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EMOFLUOR® Daily Care, Mouthwash 400 ml

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EMOFLUOR® mouthwash, recommended by dentists:

Mouth rinse

For sensitive teeth and toothnecks, irritated gums and bad breath.

INGREDIENTS Contains sodium fluoride. Free from lauryl sulphate, alcohol and artificial dyes.
EFFECT Cares for your gums, protects sensitive teeth, prevents tooth decay and dry mouth.


ready for use

For daily rinsing, we recommend the EMOFLUOR® Daily Care mouthwash, with fluoride, pH: 7.5, without alcohol, without coloring.

A mouthwash for gum care, caries prevention for sensitive teeth and exposed tooth necks.

Protects against: tooth decay, dry mouth, irritated gums, sensitive teeth.

Instructions for use: with the practical dosing device, the exact amount of liquid can be prepared, the rinsing solution can be taken directly into the mouth and the liquid can be moved back and forth for 1 minute with the cheeks. The mouthwash is also suitable for gargling, spit out the rinsing solution after about 1 minute (may be a little longer). Then do not rinse your mouth with water, use it 2-3 times a day as needed

EMOFLUOR® Mouthwash ready to use, fluoride-free, alcohol-free, pH: 7.5, is recommended for daily rinsing, without coloring.

Protection against dry mouth, protection against plaque, protection against gum irritation, protection against sensitive necks, protection against acids harmful to teeth