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TEBODONT® toothpaste without fluoride, 75 ml - BioMin Canada

TEBODONT® toothpaste without fluoride, 75 ml

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For daily oral and dental care, helps relieve irritated gums and oral mucosa and enhances plaque removal.

INGREDIENTS Contains tea tree oil, without sodium fluoride.
EFFECT Inhibits the formation of plaque, cares for and strengthens the gums.


TEBODONT® toothpaste for: caries protection and gum protection

Contains tea tree oil

Combats gum problems and increased plaque formation

has a calming, nourishing effect, strengthens the gums, regenerates the gums, antimicrobial

helps with: gum problems, increased plaque formation

Free of: microplastics, sodium lauryl sulfate, dyes, fluoride

TEBODONT® has been successfully clinically tested


TEBODONT® dentifrice pour: protection contre caries, protection contre plaque, antimicrobial

Domaine d'utilisation: gingivite, periodontite, infection fongiques, plaque

it exempt de: micro plastique PVC, colorant, édulcorants artificiels, laurylsulfate de sodium, dioxyde de titane, fluorure

contient de l'huile de l'arbre à thé.