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VIP membership for Canada Customers

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  • Free Shipping for all the year - **Conditions Apply.
  • Gifts on your birthdays! will be included within your orders.
  • ✄ Save 10% on all regularly priced products.
  • ✄ Save 15% on all BioMin Toothpaste products.
  • ✄ Save 20% on all Phyto-C Skin Care products.

The shopping experience is perspectively different, you will have a VIP member interface. There are special bundles, and lowered product prices as a VIP member, you will get incredible perks! 

Plus: Members will receive advanced notice of upcoming sales, exclusive Member events, exclusive offers by email.

How does the VIP Program work?

It is very important to create an account using your email address so you can use your account as a VIP.

During checkout please add to checkout note your date of birth DOB (so we can send you gifts with your orders) (If you do not want to share your DOB then we will offer you gift with your next purchase at a random date). 

Once you purchase the membership we will adjust your account which will be VIP Account.

After activating your account as VIP you will receive confirmation email plus the free shipping code which is required to enjoy the free shipping. 

Is VIP Membership for everyone?

No, we do recommend VIP membership for frequent buyers. But if you would like to get the huge savings and some other perks like Free Shipping and more, then we do recommend VIP membership.

Terms & Conditions:

* VIP Membership is on the beta program, it means we are going to make adjustments during the beta. After some time, we will decide later whether we keep the program or end it.

** For Atlantic Region, Quebec and Ontario provinces customers will have 6 times allowance, for rest regions will have 5 times allowance. After exceeding the allowance then our shipping policy applies. 

Please note that the purchase limit is one time per customer and one time per year.

VIP members must buy the membership per year to renew it. Before the membership expires we will send a reminder that will contain the membership renewal purchase. If the membership expires there will be a 15 days grace period to renew the membership. After the grace period expires then the VIP account changes into normal account.