News : BioMin F is a Gamechanger for Dental Hygienists

BioMin™ toothpaste comes in low fluoride and fluoride free

BioMin™ F - Low Fluoride

Remineralising/ Enamel repair toothpaste 

prevent tooth decay and ease the pain of sensitive teeth

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BioMin™ C - Fluoride Free

Remineralising/ Enamel repair toothpaste


BioMin™ F Toothpaste Benefits

Fights decay up to 6X longer!

Slow release low dose fluoride.

Uniquely provides ongoing protection across the day

Efficient fluoride up to 60% less required

Slow release mechanism significantly reduces the quantity of fluoride required. Less than 600 ppm.

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Rebuilds damaged enamel

Essential minerals help repair / remineralise the tooth

Slow release calcium and phosphate helps repair and rebuild the tooth’s surface.

Actively helps reduce demineralisation

BioMin F actively works to reduce demineralisation

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Creates a protective armour

Creates an acid resistant armour coating

to help protect against acidic modern diets and decay.

Increases protection when teeth come under attack

when under attack BioMin F uniquely increases the release of essential minerals to fight decay and protect the teeth.

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Professional Testimonials

The science is very convincing, and nothing else does what BioMin does

Dr Anne O’Donnell

Impressed that it had been developed by a university dental department and not a big multinational corporation, feeling that gave it both scientific credibility and less commercial impetus.

Dr Jonathan Waterer

It’s been better than I
dared to hope and beyond
my expectations. Some
of the patients with the
most significant problems,
who haven’t been able to find
anything that works, have had
great improvement

Dr Don Gibson

Biomin F delivers the optimum amount of fluoride for benefit – you don’t need any more than that – and I like that it adheres to the tooth to be slowly taken on, looking after the teeth for 24 hours

Dr Nigel Slattery

After 14 days of using BioMin F the sensitivity had gone and I could continue with the whitening

Sam Davidson, a dental hygienist

The enamel actually looks thicker

Bhavana Dower, a hygienist

BioMin™ F is a breakthrough that could significantly reduce dental decay.

Professor Hill - Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)

Using BioMin™ Toothpaste

Brushing at least twice daily with BioMin™  toothpaste, at least thirty minutes prior to consuming food or drink may rejuvenate,
reinforce and protect your teeth leaving your mouth feeling clean and fresh.

Avoid rinsing your mouth out with water, Rinsing washes away the active ingredients of the toothpaste often before they have had a chance to work

Customer Testimonials

Demineralised stains gone Mouth Breathing

Demineralised stains gone Mouth Breathing

Our son’s teeth are very susceptible to staining due to him being a mouth breather. Usually approximately 2 months after his dental clean, the stains start to return...


Source: BioMin Distributor Australia 

The most effective toothpaste for sensitivity teeth

I have used different types of toothpastes and most of these toothpastes are not effective as BioMin F....


BioMin F strengthen the enamel of my teeth

I must say that BioMin F toothpaste is highly recommended, not only for whitening my teeth but also for relieving the toothache experienced....

E. A. Eidt


BioMin F: Sensitivity Relief for 90% of Patients

BioMin F: Sensitivity Relief for 90% of Patients

16/09/2018 - Admin 

BioMin F toothpaste, based on bioactive glass technology, has been available for several months now. Moira Crawford talks to Clinicians with over a year's experience of BioMin, who say 90% of patients are reporting relief from sensitivity problems.



11/09/2018 - Moira Crawford

In practice, BioMin F has been available for over a year, and hygienists in the UK and elsewhere have been astonished by the results they have seen both in their own families and their most problematic patients.

Toothpaste alone does not prevent dental erosion: Study reveals popular brands like Colgate or Sensodyne fail to stop enamel loss, so how does your favourite rank?

Toothpaste alone does not prevent dental erosion: Study reveals popular brands like Colgate or Sensodyne fail to stop enamel loss, so how does your favourite rank?

Friday, 16 March 2018   Toothpaste alone does not prevent dental erosion, new research suggests. After analysing nine fluoridated toothpastes that...