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BioMin™ F Toothpaste

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BioMin™ F Toothpaste Benefits

Fights decay up to 6X longer!

Slow release low dose fluoride.

Uniquely provides ongoing protection across the day

Efficient fluoride up to 60% less required

Slow release mechanism significantly reduces the quantity of fluoride required. Less than 600 ppm.

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Rebuilds damaged enamel

Essential minerals help repair / remineralise the tooth

Slow release calcium and phosphate helps repair and rebuild the tooth’s surface.

Actively helps reduce demineralisation

BioMin F actively works to reduce demineralisation

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Creates a protective armour

Creates an acid resistant armour coating

to help protect against acidic modern diets and decay.

Increases protection when teeth come under attack

when under attack BioMin F uniquely increases the release of essential minerals to fight decay and protect the teeth.

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BioMin Professional Testimonials

The science is very convincing, and nothing else does what BioMin does

Dr Anne O’Donnell

Impressed that it had been developed by a university dental department and not a big multinational corporation, feeling that gave it both scientific credibility and less commercial impetus.

Dr Jonathan Waterer

It’s been better than I
dared to hope and beyond
my expectations. Some
of the patients with the
most significant problems,
who haven’t been able to find
anything that works, have had
great improvement

Dr Don Gibson

Biomin F delivers the optimum amount of fluoride for benefit – you don’t need any more than that – and I like that it adheres to the tooth to be slowly taken on, looking after the teeth for 24 hours

Dr Nigel Slattery

After 14 days of using BioMin F the sensitivity had gone and I could continue with the whitening

Sam Davidson, a dental hygienist

The enamel actually looks thicker

Bhavana Dower, a hygienist

BioMin™ F is a breakthrough that could significantly reduce dental decay.

Professor Hill - Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)


A New Year, A New Partners and A New Products

A New Year, A New Partners and A New Products

20 January 2020 - HealthPulze Admin

Do you remember the feel of your home renovation feels like? This is how we are feeling right now at this moment " A Refresh New Year, A Fresh New Products" and we are very excited for this year particularly.

Ellen Introduces Goli Gummies!

Ellen Introduces Goli Gummies!

25 September 2019 - The Ellen Show

On today’s show, Ellen played "Truth or Dare" with a lucky audience member, and for every time the audience member told the truth, she was good to go, but if Ellen suspected she was lying, she would have to take a shot of apple cider vinegar. 

GHP HealthCare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

GHP HealthCare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019

13 July 2019 - BioMin™ Technologies

BioMin™ Toothpaste wins the UK's Best Oral Sensitivity Relief Award. GHP HealthCare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2019.

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